“Righteous Richard’s” Year of DMV Preaching


“Richteous Richard” Chavarria celebrated one year of preaching at the DMV last Thursday, February 28. Here are the vital statistics according to his records: He preached a total of 75 times, passed out over 3,822 tracts and had over 2,275 hearers.
null Richard took my very first evangelism class two years ago. Each week he sat at a different table so I wouldn’t recognize him, or call on him. The homework for the class was to hand out one Gospel tract a day, seven days a week for the entire duration of the class. He didn’t. He actually stuck his Million-Dollar Bill Gospel tracts in the glove compartment of his car… and left them there for two months, not handing out a single one!

Now he teaches me how to preach at the DMV!

(This is Richard’s license plate, by the way.)


  1. Brother Richard,

    I was going to send you a note earlier and congratulate you on your year of DMV preaching. I was going to tell you I have been following up on your progress reports and tell you how you have so inspired me . I was going to tell you how impressive your record is and that I am sure you are an inspiration to many. But then I thought about you being a humble kind of guy and that you would only deflect the glory to the Lord for all your work anyway. So, I won’t say anything at all. Nothing.

  2. Richard: I want to thank you also for your continued evangelism. I pray that this message also encourages you to continue your hard work! Thank you!

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