1. This is just Ray recycling old videos.

    The debate is in Ray’s hands, he’s the one we are all waiting on.

    Ray asked Richard, Richard said ‘Yes, here are the conditions’. We are waiting on Ray to meet the conditions.

    The condition is for Ray to make a charitable donation to Richard Foundation for Science and Reason. A Charity like Living Waters is a Charity.

    That’s the only hold up.

  2. Oh this would be another example of you apparently being able to read minds.

    It’s also a classic example of Ray asking people who don’t want to debate him and thing doing everything he can to attempt to shame them when he doesn’t get the outcome he wants.

    While at the same time Ray ignores all the people who DO want to debate him.

    Off the top of my head I know that Aron Ra, Abbie Smith, Spencer Hale, Matt Dillahunty all are waiting for some sort of response, anything, even a no! And know that there are at least another half dozen offers on Ray’s blog of debates who’s names I didn’t think to note at the time.

    Actually in at least one case (Abbie Smith) he lied a press release said no one in OK would debate him when he had been informed that Abbie Smith wanted to debate him well in advance of his trip.

    By your own logic Ray is very afraid of these people.

  3. It is a fool that says there is no God.

    I know because I use to be one. I was walking proof of the truth of God’s word. I totally trusted in my own understanding of the universe. Not knowing that my understanding of it was so limited. I cared only about me. I thought when I died, I would return to nothingness from which I came from. I thought whatever people believed was OK.

    Like many people today who say there is no God, I was dead wrong and had not God had mercy on me I could easily have died in my sins and been forever experiencing God just wrath in Hell. But for Jesus, there go I.

    Please do not be conform any longer to the pattern of this world. Turn to Jesus. Repent and put your trust in the Savior.

  4. Which is relevant how Richard? Dawkins certainly doesn’t say ‘there is no God’.

    So I just found out that Kirk Cameron pulled out a a (Free!) debate with Richard Dawkins on the O’Reilly Factor.

    So again by your own measure Steve, Kirk must be afraid of Dawkins.

  5. But Dawkins said yes!

    You and Ray keep ignoring that simple simple fact.

    The debate could be on as soon as Ray wants it to be.

    If Ray wanted it to happen next month it would probably happen. Heck it could probably happen next week if Dawkins had a spare day or two.

    It’s all up to Ray.

  6. What debate?

    As if Ray actually wants to debate Richard Dawkins. What Ray wants is the notoriety that would go along with being on the same stage as someone as well-know as Richard Dawkins.

    There’s be about 5 minutes of Ray babbling on about how evolution is this and evolution is that (getting it all wrong, as usual) and then he’d just start preaching. Dawkins would try and talk about evidence or correct Ray’s ignorance of science which Ray would promptly ignore as he rounded out his time with some more logical fallacies, ad homs and the Gospel message.


    It wouldn’t be a debate!

    A debate is where two people with a good understanding of a subject – but who have differing views on it – try to establish whose view is the more realistic position. It’s supposed to be a learning experience. Ray has no interest in this at all and I hope that Dawkins never does indulge him in his desperate attempt at attaining celebrity beyond Bananagate.


    Can you explain why Ray is so scared of AronRa, Abbie Smith, Spencer Hale, Matt Dillahunty et al that he won’t even acknowledge their desire to debate with him?

  7. Steve isn’t answering, therefore he is petrified of you ExPatMatt.

    That’s JesusLogicâ„¢.

  8. Hey! I wasn’t offered my $10,000 yet!

  9. Put in 30+ years of research, teaching and dedication to science education and promise to put the money towards science education and I’ll pay $10,000 to chat with you!

    *runs off to buy lottery tickets….*

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