Quote of the Week: The Offended Morman


“How dare you tell me that I’m not a Christian!! I believe Jesus is my Lord and Savior!! Get away from me, now!!”
null —A woman’s rebuke to fellow evangelist (and Ambassadors’ Alliance mentor) Ed Lee, after he told her that the Jesus she believed in was not the Jesus of the Bible.
Here’s the full story:

Saturday afternoon as I was laboring as a sniper on the outskirts of the crowd, I spoke to a Mormon couple. After handing them a million dollar bill, and asking them the million dollar question, they reponded by saying that they believed in God and that they were going to heaven. I said “Great. Are you Christians?” They answered, “Yes we are!” I then asked them what church they go to, and they answered that they went to the Mormon church. I told them that the Jesus they believed in was not the Jesus of the Bible. Their belief that Jesus was a created being and that he was the brother of Satan is not what the bible teaches, and that unless they believed in the true Jesus, their beliefs were in vain!! The woman immediately rebuked me and said, “How dare you tell me that I’m not a Christian!! I believe Jesus is my Lord and Saviour!! Get away from me, now!!”

Before agreeing to leave, I told them I would rather risk offending them with the truth rather than letting them leave thinking they were destined to heaven when in fact, they believed in a false God and are doomed to perish. They again asked me to leave, which I did. On reflecting upon my experience, it was strange that they did not challenge my statements of their belief, or try to convince me that their belief was right according to the bible. What a tragic deception, believing in a false God that cannot save you!


  1. Quite sad… Shame they told you to go away, would have loved to hear this chat progress. You should get more of these on camera! =)

  2. “Shall we keep men in a fool’s paradise? Shall we lull them into soft slumbers from which they will awake in hell? Are we to become helpers of their damnation by our smooth speeches? In the name of God we will not.” – Charles Spurgeon

  3. The woman may as well have said:

    “Get thee behind me, Jesus!”

  4. Steve, Thanks for the video commercial for the evangelism class. I have just returned from the Transformed event in St. Louis with Ray and Kirk. What an awesome ministry they have. I am setting up a booth at the local fair. The banner will say ‘Free bottled water with million $ question” We will hand out million dollar bills and share Jesus (WOTM of course). I have linked with another church from thr Transformed event. They will help with the booth. We are gonna run a crash course this saturday coming up. Thats where your video commercial came in handy. Our church runs about 1000 in attendance with 3 morning services. We ran the commercial and annoucement of the event at all 3 services. And guess at how many signed up for the crash course and event? 0 none. I am very discouraged at the lack of concern for the lost in our local body. I hope the other church thats getting involved with me will have better success in reqruiting. How has it been at your church? I gave a cd of hells best kept secret and true and false conversions to my Pastor. He is not on board with the teaching. I pray that these teachings sink in. I’m sorry for venting but I relate to you guys. I know we are fighting the same battle. Keep up what you guys are doing and be encouraged and may God richly bless you. Chad

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