Your Thoughts/MY THOUGHTS: What I Said at the Post Office


Here’s the question I posed last week: What would you have said to the postman named Diosdado (which means “God-given”) as he waited on you at the post office.

Here’s what I said:

I said, “Do you know what else is God-given? He gave His Son, Jesus Christ.” Then I gave him my 17 second sermon because there were other people in line: “If you’ve ever lied or stolen then God sees you as a lying thief, and on Judgment Day you will be found guilty of breaking His 10 Commandments. If you’ve broken just one Commandment, that is sin, and you will end up in Hell to pay for your sin. But Jesus died for all your sins, and He will forgive you, if you repent and put your trust in Him.”

His co-worker said, “Amen, brother.”

I then asked Diosdado if his Mom was a Christian because of his name.

“No. It was the name of a past President of the Phillipines.”

Fortunately, he didn’t go postal on me…

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