Party Crashers


Taking advantage of lax security at Ray Comfort’s 60th birthday party held on Saturday night, I strolled up to the tenth floor of the Living Waters headquarters, waved my hand in front of the face of the guest list checker and hit the dance floor which was themed “A Gospel Winter Wonderland.” I wasn’t aware that a few atheists were attendance; one of them shot this incriminating video that has recently gone viral on YouTube! Boy, can Dawkins cut the rug!

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  1. STOP IT! STAAWWWP IIIIT! Waayy too funny!! My sides are bursting!!

  2. And mayI add, YOUR dancing was pretty HIP (hop), too!!!

  3. my morning routine of a hot cup of java and blog reading is never a dull moment on Stone the Preach dot com.

  4. Maybe Mr. Dawkins will see this funny video and come to his own conclusion that it really happened?

  5. That is just too much! Love it.. I especially like Ray doing the worm… Ha…

  6. That is the funniest thing i have seen since Bart called Eric Hovind at Academy 12….LOL. thanks for posting that.

  7. That is too funny, Steve! LOL

  8. A you thought Godscare was scary?


  9. It’s hard to believe Ray was celebrating his 60th birthday with some of those dance moves!

  10. OK, so you know how to get to BELLFLOWER, should be easy for you to get to DOWNEY !!!

  11. My head hurts just from watching it.

  12. Oh perhaps Ray was in discussion to finally accept the debate terms! We’ve been waiting forever for Ray to get back about that.

    Or the Debate with Aron Ra,

    Or Abbie Smith…

    Or Matt Dillahunty…



    • Bathtub: What has your comment got to do with this humorous video? (Did you think it was the least bit funny? Of course you did. I hope.)

      I’m not involved in who Ray is willing to debate. That’s his ministry, not mine.

  13. It has to do with Ray hanging with Richard which was the set up for the video.

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