I’m Out of the Closet Today


It’s 2017 so I feel comfortable enough to do so. Those who know me well may not be too surprised when I reveal this very personal truth. But, this is the day that I feel emboldened enough to do it, so, please, accept me for who I am; I cannot turn back.

With all the current talk about trans-people from transgender to transsexuals, I now will also admit something. Please, don’t be shocked. I was born this way and had these feelings since I was very young. I can never change who I really am.

Yes, I’m trans.

Perhaps you, too, will be honest enough about your true identity to stop denying your feelings and the facts about who you really are. If only enough people would look deep into themselves and see the truth that they are trans as well. And the church should welcome all who identify as such.

I’m able to admit freely that I am a transgressor. A transgressor of God’s Law.

A sinner.

Will you accept me? Do you admit the same? God loves transgressors so much he sent his One and only Son to die for all those who will admit that they’ve lied, stolen, blasphemed God’s name, and looked with lust, which Jesus calls adultery. You may have even committed murder. The bible says that anger and hatred are murder. In fact, if you’ve broken any of the Ten Commandments you are guilty of being a transgressor and deserve Hell as punishment..

Yet all transgressors will be forgiven if they admit their true identity, repent, and trust in Jesus Christ, who suffered and died on a cross, was buried and on the third day rose again. When you do that, you will be transported from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.


Come out of the closet today and just admit that you need Jesus to transform you. This transaction can only be made when, before God, all of us transgressors are transparent.

(By the way, can you be Christian and gay? Click here to find out.)







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