Handing Out the “180” Movie (and how I beat Ray Comfort)


Six years ago, Facebook reminded me, Eddie Roman, editor and cameraman from Living Waters (Ray Comfort’s ministry), made this excellent video on how to hand out the powerful 30 minute  documentary “180Movie” and what to say when you do it. He handed out 10 copies in just under nine minutes with very little effort.


I thought I could do it in even less time.

First, watch Eddie’s video then watch mine to see how I smoked him by a whopping EIGHT minutes. Then, Ray Comfort got in on the action. And he beat my record! (See his video below.)

Now, watch my video to demonstrate the record-shattering evidence: 1:13:33 minutes!

Now Ray smoked me! Or did he?

I then beat the heck out of Ray by handing out 16 copies in under 5 seconds!!!

But that ain’t all. Continue reading for something really, really, shocking. In fact, I surprised myself when this happened!

I challenged the man who took all 16 DVDs and asked him to pass them out. Remember, I didn’t know him; he’d never seen the film; and he wasn’t a Christian (I know this because I witnessed to him and his friend afterward). And he did it! (But keep reading the post after this video another shocking turn of events…)

Alright. Some of you may take issue with me handing out the 16 videos to one guy. Fine. Then watch this! How about 16 videos distributed in 9.46 seconds? (…with the Lord’s help, of course.)

The 180Movie has been watched over 5.3 million times. Have you seen it yet? Click here to see it.


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