Open Air Preaching for Newbies


Have you ever wanted to preach in the open air but were too afraid to give it a whirl? This short  2 1/2 minute video will prepare you to “break the sound barrier” for the very first time using a proven 2,000-year-old method. It’s so simple that even my then 7-year-old daughter Laurel did it. You can, too.

Watch as two guys perform a seemingly impossible task. Their undaunted courage in the face of a fearsome foe will absolutely take your breath away!

Camera and edit: Peter Johnson

If you do get “up on the box” as a result of this video, please let me know. And send a picture!


  1. What a great way to launch a ministry of open air preaching! I hope we get to see an update video sometime down the road.

    As the old saying goes: “It only takes a spark to get a fire going.”

    I’ll be praying for you, gentlmen. Glory to God!

    Thanks, Steve.

  2. I did just the repent and put your faith in Jesus with two inmates and after I prayed with them, they both started bawling and they both started praying on their own for God to save them. I didn’t do the good person test. When your in prison, its kinda evident they know they are not.(Hence the crime they are in prison.) I just used scripture when I listened to them about spiritual background and whatever bible questions they wanted answered. (Kinda of like a Calvary Chapel “Pastor’s Perspective” show only it was in face to face question and answer.) After I answered their question. I use the question as a springboard to the gospel.

  3. What about women open air preaching?

  4. It’s a good start Steve 🙂

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