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(A note to my regular subscribers: This is a reference post to promote the church I’m starting. I will ask people to Google the above title to listen to my show before they attend. Therefore, periodically, I will re-post this every time a new show or two is produced. When you see it in your email, you will know a new show is posted. You can listen or delete the email. Of course, you may also unsubscribe if this is a bother. Thanks a lot!)

The name of my weekly half hour radio show is called “Shine Your Light,” and it is an outreach of Hope Chapel Hill Country, Dripping Springs, Texas. If you missed any of these programs on KDRP, then here’s the place to catch up. Every time a new show is produced, I will just plug it in right here. The format is half music and half teaching, so you won’t get bored. If you are bored, tell me. 

The regularly scheduled time slot for this show is 11AM Sunday mornings and can be heard on these stations: 103.1 Dripping Springs, 101.1FM Austin, 99.1 Luckenbach/Fredericksburg, 107.1 HD Channel 3. You can also go to, click “On Air” then “Sounds of Sunday” on the drop-down box and we will be at the 11AM sot under Hope Chapel Hill Country.

Below is the archives. Just click each link to listen.



Series I: The Greatest Verse in the Bible-John 3:16

Part 1: “For God so Loved the World That He Gave”

Part 2: “Whoever Believes”

Part 3: “Shall Not Perish” (Coming in a day or so)

Part 4: “But Have Eternal Life” (Not produced yet)


  1. Awesome, Steve!! Some friends and I were just wondering today how you and your ministry adventure in Texas was going. You know, most pastors starting a church concentrate on just getting the church started. Shoulda known only you would start a church, start a radio program, and start a blog. I keep praying for God’s Spirit to encourage and support you, give you wisdom, etc…seems to me He’s included stamina in that!. 🙂 In any case, I’m praying for you and your family and the blossoming health of this mission church of His. I hope your Christmas was joyous and your New Year is prosperous according to God’s economy. Please continue to let me know how things are going. Say “hi” to Karen and the girls for me. God bless, Celia

  2. Hi Pastor Steve,

    Miss you a bunch. I am excited for your radio program and your first opening. I am very glad to see how things are turning out. I will be praying and have been praying for your ministry. Keep me posted.

  3. You looked good and you still have that passion for those that need a lift and hear the good news.


  4. Hi Pastor Steve,

    Great message especially for our unbelieving friends who have not heard the truth. Your strength and relentless stamina to attack blog and radio station is Amazing. God Bless you and say “hi” to Karen and the girls. God Bless you and how amazing without Him and His anointing this is not possible. Debbie S.

  5. Hello Pastor Steve and family,
    What a blessing , to have finally received a email from you.Thank you,it is good to see you and hear about all the new doors God has opened up for you.Praise the Lord ! for he is good all the time.I look forward to see the new church of yours and hear of the goodness of the Lord.Merry ~ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family.I also like your new name ( Not By Site ).May you all be blessed with His Joy & Peace to be a blessing to many new people in your church & neighborhood as your LIGHT SHINES for all to see The Goodness of our God.

  6. Hi Pastor Steve, Great show,music,message.Blessings to you and family.

  7. Steve–
    Love your new radio show– WE MISS YOU!!

  8. Hi Steve, its awesome to see how the Lord is moving so rapidly in Texas due to your efforts. May 2014 usher in a new and exciting time in your life. you’re truly a long distance runner from Hermosa Beach to Texas, continue the good race my friend.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Umberto & Andrea Parra

  9. HI Steve, Looking good brother! Keep on shining!

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