More “Born Agains”


At first glance, there does seem to be a vigorous and growing Christian community in America. According to The Barna Group a polling firm that focuses on religious faith in the U.S., the number of “born again Christians” is growing.

The “proportions of adults who can be classified as ‘born again Christians’… was the highest ever measured in the quarter century that Barna has been tracking that measure,” it said in a recent report.

Barna reported that 45% of all adults claimed to be born again – up from 31% in 1983. “The current figure represents the largest single – year increase since 1991 – 1992,” the group said.

When the subject turns to the narrower category of evangelicals, the percentage is smaller: 9% of all adults fit into that category.

Moreover, the notion that America is awash in non-Christian religions, pagan faiths and hordes of atheists does not appear to be true. “Adults who are aligned with faiths other than Christianity, and those who consider themselves to be atheist or agnostic, each comprise less than 10% of the population,” Barna said.

Generally speaking then, the American people still seem interested in the Christian faith. George Barna said research reveals, “that people’s faith is not at all deep, but at least more people are becoming attuned to the importance of the life, death, resurrection and message of Jesus Christ.”

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