Martyrs: Police Target Christians


The situation for Christians in Uzbekistan appears to be worsening, according to recent reports by Forum 18 News Service. Police officers assaulted a woman at her home while her parents were being interrogated over their religious activity at the local police station. Sources who asked not to be identified for fear of state reprisals said, “Officers kicked the woman and hit her on the head, giving her a severe concussion.”

In Tashkent, a police officer threatened to kill a Protestant Christian if he continued to challenge a fine given to him for his religious activity. “I have prepared an axe for you, which will be flying after you, observing you, and if need be kill you,” sources quoted the officer as telling him.

A Tashkent investigator threatened the son of a Baptist church member that he would “beat him up and put him in prison for three months” if he did not sign statements against the church’s pastor and bookkeeper whom the investigator is seeking to prosecute.

Please Pray!

Please pray for the worsening situation for Christians in Uzbekistan. Pray that they will stand firm in their faith and not lose heart. Pray for a spiritual awakening in Uzbekistan that turns hearts to Christ.

“Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God! Therefore the world does not know us, because it did not know Him…. Do not marvel, my brethren, if the world hates you.” (I John 3:1, 13)

Voice of the Martyrs assists Christians in Uzbekistan through its Families of Prisoners Fund, and we provide legal and financial assistance for pastors.

Most Wednesdays I post something from Voice of the Martyrs’ Be-A-Voice Network hoping you might join in helping those in other countries who are persecuted for their faith.


  1. Jim, what a ridiculous response. How many Christians do you know who ‘sacrifice virgins by throwing them into the fire’? The article is about Christians, not some Satanic cult. Considering that those who are being persecuted are described here as Christians I think we can safely assume that their ‘religious activity’ involves meeting together to worship Jesus, pray, study the Bible and share bread and wine together. This is what Christians do. It’s quite simple really Jim.

  2. While Jim’s example was ridiculously over the top, you know hyperbole for effect *cough*cough*. It is completely true that ‘religious activity’ is term that contains Zero information content.

  3. Atheists love to read about Christians being persecuted. There is no faster way of putting a smile upon an atheist’s face than to show them something that deals with the suffering of a Christian at home or abroad. Atheists love schadenfreude.

  4. Sockpuppetperson,

    I’m going to politely ask you to stop talking for people who aren’t you. It’s silly to do and you’re wrong every single time.

    As if sockpuppetting wasn’t bad enough already. Your observing skills seem to need some work, if that’s what you came away with. Maybe, just maybe, you’re making stuff up in an effort to defame other people.

    Weak, buddy.

    For the record, I do not support the suffering of anyone. Accept that.

  5. Yay for sock puppets!

  6. When someone exposes atheists for what they are most of them have no other recourse than to call names and be rude. These so called giants of intellect revert to childish behavior.

  7. These so called giants of intellect revert to childish behavior.

    Says the person who uses sock-puppets. You have no leg to stand on.

  8. Atheists need to feel superior and important. When someone comes along and exposes them for what they really are they cry like babies.

  9. these “christians” are acting quite un-christ like. @ateistologist, watcher and observer. hired goons. There is no intelligent debate here.

    @Dennis, look at your new family, your fellow brothers and sisters. Is this how you want to live your life?
    ‘God in the Biblical sense, is not so much a thing as it is a concept. The idea that man was created in the image of ‘God’ alludes to man’s highest potential, not necessarily that there is some entity that is ‘God.’ The concept of ‘God’ is not about a being, but rather an “absoluteness” of all that man considers good, honest, moral, righteous, etc., etc.. It symbolizes the highest achievement that one can strive for.

  10. @ Patrick

    It’s true that I now have a family of believers all around the world and have enjoyed their company very much. Like in Amsterdam staying in a youth hostel where we read the Bible together, prayed, and talked late into the night. Or going to a conference up north and meeting people for the first time and having that instant connection and fellowship. It’s the proof God has given us that when we are born again we will love our brothers and sisters in Christ. I find it to be very true. You know me and how I used to be before I was saved. How racist I used to be. Yes I know you remember – well that’s all gone now. Last weekend helping Steve move to his new house and working with the guys is showing what family is all about. I love it.

    Regarding your ideas about God. Wow. Ok I guess we can continue to have way more discussions on the God of the Bible. Because you are just making stuff up with your comment about God being a concept. He did not allow Himself to be a “concept” that’s just crazy to say that God is a concept man should strive for or become. I know you claimed before that we are all gods. Again just quickly looking at control over blinking, breathing, being born, dying… all beyond your control. Creation around us? No human being made nature, or made anything. We can only manipulate what is around us already. Science is just figuring out what is already there.
    The highest achievment you can strive for won’t do a thing for you when you die and have to give an account to Jesus Christ.
    No Patrick – when God says that we are created in His image it’s not an allusion to our potential at all. That’s absurd. Read Genesis yourself and you will see that it’s not even what it says.
    But you are correct that any goodness, and honesty, and morals come from God and not from man! Man will always continue to lie, cheat, steal, and kill. God has given you a conscience so you know it’s wrong to do those things. Pretty simple really. But I know it’s so humbling to accept isn’t?
    God gives grace to the humble. LAW to the proud.

  11. @ Stormbringer

    I have to agree with my brother Patrick on no intelligent debate coming from you. It is annoying me as well reading all these made up names instead of just sticking to one. This blog has always been a good place to come and have discussions with people!
    Like if I address Nohm I know I am talking to Nohm, or Vintango, etc.

    I have already written you before about the way you talk to and about people and I find it to be very antagonistic and unloving.

    What are you hoping to achieve? If you have a heart for the lost then preach Christ and Him crucified and if any attacks come at you – great – consider it a blessing and give it to God. Seems to me you rather counter attack which is completely messing up any credibility you might have as representing Christ. Changing your name all the time, throwing out little comments about Atheists only provokes and is just plain rude and annoying.

    Anyways that’s my 2 pennies.

  12. The behavior of the atheists demonstrates that my comments are true.

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