MLK Jr. Parades, Pt. 1: Tijuana Dogs and Krishnas


It was quite the thrill to be a witness for Christ at two Martin Luther King Jr. Parades over the weekend. Wearing my new “event-appropriate” T-shirt, I gained instant credibility at the Los Angeles parade because I was one of the very few Caucasian faces in the area. (Read about how to dress correctly here.)

There was another reason I bought the shirt displaying the great civil rights leader: I purchased a bacon-wrapped hot dog from a street vendor (our evangelism team’s staple food, called Tijuana Dogs)…

…loaded with grilled onions and slathered with mustard, took a bite, and spilled mustard-covered onions all down the front of my shirt.

Many different groups got the Gospel handed to them by way of tracts. This being the heart of the African-American community, our Presidential Trillion Dollar Bills, aka, Obama Bucks, were a huge hit.

Though all types of people are represented in parades like these, some “need” the Good News more desperately than others. Many groups were in the cult category so we made an extra special effort to put our tracts into their hands.

Notice in the video how one Hare Krishna tried without success to hand back the tract to me once he realized it was about our Savior Jesus Christ. Holding fast to my rule to “go armless,” the man had to keep the tract, where later on, hopefully, he’ll read it and repent.

Over the next several days, you’ll see the different cults and churches that needed to hear that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But thanks be to God for his indescribable gift in Christ Jesus! (Click here for part 2.)

See what happened when I preached directly
to a group of Hare Krishnas last summer on the 3rd St. Promenade by clicking here.


  1. Way to go team!

    Seems like the Krishna movement is really big down there. Real small up here.

    Was that DD handing out tracts there, Pops?

  2. Going Armless? Interesting tactic. My experience with tracts was simply finding one on the ground. The Christian that handed them out decided that instead of giving them to people he’d litter them on the ground for people to pick up. It was a Chick tract about the evils of playing Dungeons and Dragons. I showed it around and everyone had a good laugh as they should. I don’t think it really won any souls for Christ, if anything it made everyone sort of giggle at the silliness of fundamentalist belief.

  3. Vin,

    You’re talking about “Dark Dungeons”, easilyEASILYeasily my favorite tract of all.

    If you do a search for “mst3k dark dungeons”, you’ll find a really well-done satirical take on it.

  4. Way to go Pastor Steve! God bless you in continuing to preach the gospel! You are relentless, and that is why I am so bless to know you! Preach on!!!

  5. Awesome Steve

    Yeah Dark Dungeons is hiliarious, and do a real dis-service to Christianity in general. They make up stuff, lie, assume things that have been proven false, contradict science or misrepresent it, and are generally divorced from reality in nearly comical ways. But Chick’s message isn’t far off from the typical Young Earther argument. I also find it pretty interesting that Chick references Hovind, and Hovind is/was friends (or at least he claimed to be) with Comfort. I sort of connected the dots from Chick’s work to this website. Now whether or not Steve associates with Chick, I have no clue, though I seem to recall Steve didn’t read Chick tracts or anything like that.

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