MLK Jr. Parades, Pt. 2: Changing Hearts and Minds

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Why the zealousness to preach the Gospel by word and tract at parades? To hopefully change the hearts and minds of those that think differently about God and what he requires.

To some, a parade dedicated to the memory of  Martin Luther King Jr. is an opportunity to take a political stance; to others, a social stance, without regard to the eternal truths of the Bible in regard to sin, righteousness and the judgment to come.

Some may read of their culpability to a Holy God by a simple tract, or hear from the lips of a Gospel preacher how they have transgressed His law, how they need to turn from their sins, and trust in the Savior. Then, who knows? there could be a greater purpose for them than simply socio-political issues.

Now, am I against political messages and social justice? Of course not.

But when we go out to preach the Gospel, we never get involved with “other” issues. (BTW, this is the 4th “Do-Not” of open air preaching.)

I could have argued with the man about the TEA party movement to give him some clarity on the issues, but I chose not to, because I was there to preach the Gospel.

I could have asked the man from the liberal church what he meant by “social justice”  but I’m sure that this would have devolved into politically-correct propaganda  and possibly an argument. I chose not to get involved with those issues either, because I was there to preach the Gospel.

The Gospel is the main thing, the only thing we concern ourselves with. That’s why we are there. (Click here for Part 3)

One Comment

  1. Totally in agreement with you here Pastor Steve. It is about preaching the gospel, because it is the gospel that leads to salvation. The enemy of course wants to get us down those rabbit trails. I have always struggled with those trails, particulary when it comes to apologetic issues. But it must always be about the gospel, always!

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