Martyrs: Christian’s Hand Severed


The Voice of the Martyrs helps persecuted Christians around the world. One way is by making the plight of the persecuted known through the BE-A-VOICE Network. Here’s the latest report:

Eight assailants attacked a college professor and severed his right hand and part of his arm in Kerala, India. T.J. Joseph, a professor at Newman’s College in Thodupuzha, was accused of offending a group of Muslim students with some questions he included in a test. Due to protests from Islamic groups, Prof. Joseph was suspended from his job and apologized for his “unintentional error.” Still, he continued to receive threats.

On July 4, as Prof. Joseph returned from church, a van pulled up beside him. The assailants forced him from his car and attacked him with knives and swords, amputating his lower arm and inflicting deep wounds to his body.

Two activists of the militant Islamic group, Popular Front of India, were arrested in connection with the attack and police officials involved in the probe have received death threats. Prof. Joseph has expressed forgiveness for his attackers.

Please Pray!

Please pray for T.J. Joseph’s physical and emotional healing. Pray for his attackers to come to know the love of Christ and that God would open their eyes to the truth of His goodness and mercy.

VOM provides assistance to persecuted believers in India by providing Bibles and other resources. VOM assists families that have lost loved ones in attacks through the Families of Martyrs fund.


  1. The “Religion of Peace” strikes again!

  2. The attack was horrible and his cited ‘offense’ is stupid. But, Paul, do you really think religion was the only factor here? You don’t think there was any political or cultural aspect to the attack? Do you think no Muslims condemned it?

    From The Hindu, July 6, 2010:
    “Several Muslim organisations have condemned the violent attack on and chopping off of the hand of T.J. Joseph…”

    “We hope that the law will take its due course to punish the criminals who attacked Mr. Joseph. They have clearly sinned and defamed Islam by committing this crime which we condemn without reservations. We also appreciate the youth wing of the Jamat-e-Islami Hind and workers of Solidarity for donating blood for Mr. Joseph in hospital.” the statement said.

    Do you think no political force has ever used Christianity and violence to get into power? If you agree that this happens, then why would you assume Islam is somehow immune to it?

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  4. Perdita, Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 20 years, Radicalized Muslims ( or really those that DO follow the commands of the Quran) have been systematically murdering, slandering, attacking anyone who would dare to question Islam!

    Please open your eyes to what the common denominator around the world

    1 Nigeria
    2. Sudan
    3 Somalia
    4 Indonesia
    5 Algiers
    6 Egypt
    7 Iraq
    8 Iran
    9 Turkey
    10 Philippines
    11 India

    and on, and on , and on….etc.

    Islam’s ideology is VIOLENCE!

  5. Moderate Islam is not a religion of violence, any more than moderate Christianity is. Google “army of God,” or ask Dr George Tiller how he feels about the subject, before you open that particular can of worms.

    The problem is the society they live in, not their religion.

  6. So, Christians in Africa are murdering children for witchcraft because of Islam? Okay, then.

    I am not saying this violence doesn’t happen or that it isn’t escalating. I am saying that you seem to have a very superficial understanding of the world – that somehow power, politics and tribalism aren’t part of this violence. I am saying that Islam isn’t any more or less an ideology of violence than Christianity – both can and have been used for great things; both can have been used to justify atrocities.

    “…Radicalized Muslims ( or really those that DO follow the commands of the Quran)…”

    Are we going to play Holy Book Quotes? First, let’s go back to those kids. Those Christians think they’re following God’s commands by not suffering a witch to live. They have so much faith in God that they’re even sacrificing their own children. Now, you may have other ideas about what they’re doing, but that’s the point. If you can honestly believe that some strictures in the Bible are no longer to be followed and you call yourself a true Christian, then I think you have to allow true Muslims to interpret their holy book in non-violent ways.

    This sort of violence must be stopped. I believe that by polarizing the situation, by making it a Holy War and casting all Muslims as
    evil, will only make it worse. Unfortunately, it seems some Christians are okay with this because they think it will usher in Jesus’ return.

  7. Yes let us Pray for TJ healing and for his enemies to know the God …
    We are so protected here in Amercia.. let us wake up and PRAY!!! and spread the Gospel to all…AMen!

  8. “let us Pray for TJ healing and for his enemies to know the God …”

    As Mary is unintentionally open-minded, probably not realizing that Allah is one of the Abrahamic religions – like Christianity – and Allah translates as “(the) God.”

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