Mark Cahill: One Thing You Can’t Do in Heaven


I will be at the Ambassadors Academy for the next several days leading a team of very committed evangelists, including one very zealous Amish man who has a true heart for the lost. This time we have 66 people coming from all over the world including Deborah Drapper and her dad from the excellent BBC documentary, “Deborah 13: Servant of God; and 11 staff members from Creation Science Evangelism.

In the meantime, if you’ve never heard evangelist Mark Cahill speak, now’s the time. (For my sermon, “Sudden Death”, I borrowed his finger-snapping gimmick….)


  1. That last minute of stern rebuke to the college kids was like a Knife in my heart. I beg Jesus and the Holy Spirit to give me more and more boldness by the power of the Holy Spirit(Zech 4:6) to go beyond saying God bless and handing out a tract but to confront people. Many times I go out witnessing alone because its hard to get someone constantly to go with me. My church is going to go on the first friday of the month to Market Square. One of the busiest nights of the month at the Square to Evangelize. I pray for God to give me as much opportunity to continue to hand out gospel tracts and talk to people. I pray for another person to go with me on a continual basis atleast once every other week. I pray for God to guide and provide me in all aspects in my life(spiritual, family, better career, everything) I need him to operate in me in every area and need so I can evangelize on a consistent basis if not as a full time job.

  2. I thought 150,000 people die every 24 hours not 600,000 every 12 hours.

  3. Steve,

    I have an interesting event I handed out million dollar tracts. I went to the old Tennessee theater in downtown knoxville. Who was performing at the theater? Collective Soul.
    So in the spirit of transition: God gave me insight! Who is going to “collect their soul” after death?

  4. 1.78 people die every second, which would be 153,000 people in a 24 hour period. You are right in your stats here on stonethepreacher. Cahill was just a little off in his stats of 7 people dying every second equalling 600,000 before bed. You sure would think he would have googled that before quoting something that was that far off.

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