Guest E-vangies: The Million-Dollar Answer


My administrative assistant, Barbra Twyman wrote this:

Someone very close to me had their life changed because of the million dollar question.

I came home on a Saturday afternoon from P.I.E. (Pizza, Intercession, Evangelism) at the Hermosa Beach Strand. I was so excited about what happened that I began telling one of my family members that I had the chance to witness to several people by asking them the million dollar question, and as I told her about everything she asked me what the million dollar question was. [“If you were to die today would you go to Heaven or Hell?] I went step-by-step through every question and said that the penalty was Hell [if she had broken any of the 10 Commandments]. I didn’t tell her anything else; I just let her think about it. null A couple of days later she came to me and said, “So if I told one lie that means I will go to Hell.” I told her that she would need to repent and make Jesus her Lord and Savior.

A couple more days passed, she came to me again and told me she did not want to go to Hell and wanted to make things right with God. The next day she came to church with me and cried through the entire service. Every day since I have seen God moving in her life as she has begun to trust Jesus.

The million dollar tract/question is so easy to do and it does work; it is the most amazing road God has ever let me walk on. And everyday I can’t wait to see who will have their life changed because of it.
-Barbra Twyman

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