Guest E-vangies: Jumpstart


This is from Warren Carlson, a bigwig for the Defense Department:

I ran into Kragen Auto Parts for just a second; I only needed one thing and was standing at checkout with no checker in sight. After several minutes of waiting I went looking for someone. I found the checker standing at the back of the store talking and she apologized for not waiting on me. I began to leave and was going through the front door when a quiet voice said, “Give her a million dollar bill.” I turned around feeling a little silly and said, “May I give you a tip?” I pulled a million dollar bill gospel tract out of my wallet and handed it to her. “A million dollar bill!” she said. I told her it wasn’t real but that there was a million dollar question on the back that was. I started by asking the question, “If you were to die today where would you go, Heaven or to Hell?” I quickly realized she had turned the million dollar bill over and was reading the back of the bill out loud: Have you ever told a lie? “Yes.” Stolen anything? “Yes.” Used God’s name in vain? “Yes.” She stopped reading and had a look of horror on her face. null “I am going to Hell,” she said. I then told her the Good News; she didn’t have to pay the price because God’s Son already paid the price and that she needed to repent and turn her life over to Him. She thanked me and asked if she could keep the million dollars. I told her yes, and invited her to come to Hope Chapel.


  1. Yeah!!! God had her heart ready and willing to hear the message. Good thing you heeded that still, small voice. 🙂

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