Guest E-vangie: Armed for Battle


This is an email I received from Bekah Wiedenhoeft, a high school student who is taking my evangelism class:

I had an amazing evangelism day and I couldn’t wait until Tuesday to tell you!

This morning after church I bought a stack of million dollar bills, then my family and I went to the Armed Forces Day thing at the Del Amo Mall. I was giving the bills out left and right! My first day “on the field” and I gave the whole stack away in about 2 hours!! Wow! That was amazing! After I ran out I felt weird not having any more because there were so many more people that needed them! But I’m so glad I could give them to the ones I did. I’m hoping that the soldiers will come to know Jesus before they go out on their next mission!

I only went through all the questions with about 5 people; the rest were just, “Did you get one of these? It’s a million dollar bill; the million-dollar question is on the back,” and walked away. I was glad my mom was close so she could help me out if I couldn’t find the words to say.

The first person I went through the questions with wouldn’t tell me he was a liar, since he had different definitions of lying, “I’m in the military and I can’t tell the parents of the soldier who died what really happened to him, so that’s not necessarily lying…” I wanted to tell him, “A lie’s a lie, no matter the circumstance!” I was getting kinda mad at him, so I’m glad my mom was there to take over.

Anyways thanks for reading! See you Tuesday!!

~Bekah Wiedenhoeft


  1. Bekah! I’m so proud of you. And how blessed are you to have your mom right by your side supporting you.

  2. Tracts are great but make sure you aren’t seen as deceiving people. Check out this great sermon about being a mythbuster! About 60% of the way through the sermon, he gives a great example of how to NOT use tracts.


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