GodTube Evangelism


Last week I explained the importance of posting evangelistic videos to YouTube, but there’s another unique opportunity: GodTube.
null Why? It’s a great way to show the non-evangelizing Christian how to witness, it convicts the backsliders, fakers, and religious hypocrites; and these videos encourage those who are faithful to Jesus’ command to “Go!”

I was surprised to see my interview with a KISS wannabe on Hollywood Blvd. at #16 in the most viewed category with almost 20,000 viewings!
null And what a discussion, too! The comments fall along the lines of whether I’m sharing my faith the right way, or if I’m too harsh—and some even defend me. Here’s a sample comment: “This video certainly evoked all different kinds of responses! It sure shows how varied the body of Christ is. I am a Christian and I don’t like that style of witnessing. The preacher reminded me of an attack dog that has been told to sic’ em. Yet some people thought it was great! Just goes to show that believing in Jesus doesn’t make everybody think alike.”

Judge for yourself if what I’m doing is injurious or enjoyable by watching “Kiss, Off!” here.

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