Fun with Millions: Foreigners & Picketers


By Nadine Kupres

The last time you preached at church, there happened to be a first time visitor sitting in front us, her name is Katja. After the service, she was asking where she could catch a bus to get her to the Marriot in Torrance. She had taken a taxi to the church, but was looking to catch a bus back. She told us that she is a flight attendant and regularly stays at that hotel while she is on layover. As it turns out, [my husband] Randy and I live a couple of blocks from her hotel, so I told her that we would drop her off. She was grateful!

Randy was in line at the book store; he was purchasing a packet of the one million dollar bills. Katja mentioned that she would like to have some of the bills, so we kept 7 each for ourselves and gave her the rest. She said she was going to hand them out while she traveled.

On our way, we happened to turn at a corner with a group of picketers’ holding their signs. Randy stopped at the corner, he rolls down my window, and tells me to hand out my first million dollar bill. As I held the bill out the window, one of the picketers’ approached the car to tell me that they are not taking any money. I replied, “No you want this money”. She took it, and I told her to read it carefully. As we turned the corner, the picketers’ were all looking at the bill… Remember you said just give them out…

Anyway, Katja is from Waldorf, Germany. She is a Christian. She found our church on the internet, and now has a permanent ride to Hope Chapel whenever she’s here…


  1. Hi Steve!!!
    I hope D and Laura enjoyed the flowers. By the way the person next to me at the redondo farmers market is not Rafael. His name is Sergio. Rafael is his nephew but hasnt been working lately here But Sergio did come over and ask me a lot of questions about God, sin, and we talked about salvation ( Praise God!!!!). Thanks for your prayers
    May God Bless you indeed
    Steve Fukumoto

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