Fun w/ Millions: Tough Crowd


At the AM/PM gas station last night: I gave a Gospel tract to some guy filling his car. He looked me straight in the eye and told me that he got one of these before—then threw it right in the trash as he looked at me.

Today at lunch: A woman heard our conversation and pulled back the little curtain that separated our tables, so I slipped her a million dollar bill. The curtain closed, then opened again. She returned it to me saying, “That’s too harsh.” Then she closed the curtain.

After lunch I gave a tract to a homeless guy null along with some real money. I asked him a few eternal questions but he kept misunderstanding me. I gave up and walked away. Fun with millions indeed!


  1. I’m glad all those rejections don’t scare you off Steve! I hope your heart will always stay soft and compassionate after years of doing this.

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