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We have a booth at the Hermosa Beach “Fiesta Hermosa,” and it’s wild! Our whole purpose was to create a presence for our church Hope Chapel, and hand out lots of Million-Dollar bill Gospel tracts. We did just that and have two more days to do so. We got a visit from the Director of the Chamber of Commerce because two vendors complained about us. They told the director that no one was going into their booths because they were too busy looking at the million dollar bills we were handing out! More reports will be coming on Monday. Stay tuned!
-Steve Sanchez


  1. Yeah!! What a great idea Steve! What time will you guys be there on Monday and where exactly is it?

  2. Steve —

    ‘Too busy looking at $1,000,000 bills’ LOL …

    Keep on trucking …

    In His Grip, Mike …

  3. We are in front of “The Comedy and Magic Club.” Until 6pm tonight…

  4. Bummer! I’m mad i missed you guys. Oh well….next year I suppose…..

  5. We had a good time handing out the million dollar bills Saturday. A lot of people really do feel they are going to heaven for being a good person. I had several who indicated they worked hard to get into heaven. Some others said they believed in God but not Jesus. Most people where hungry for something. I hope they get fed soon. All we can do is plant, God will harvest. The shirts and hats where a pretty good deal also.

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