FOUNDations: John Wesley (1703 – 1791)


This is an excerpt from R.C. Sproul’s preface to his commentary on the book of Romans.

We can think too of a young Anglican clergyman in England during the 18th century who, though he had been trained in the seminary and had been ordained by the church, was cold of heart and not even a believer.
null One day he was standing in a crowd of people listening to a fervent preacher in Aldersgate, London. Although he wasn’t really all that interested in the sermon, somehow he seemed drawn by the words he was hearing in a sermon taken from the book of Romans. And the young man, John Wesley, said, “Suddenly, my heart was strangely warmed.” As the Word of God from the book of Romans fell upon John Wesley, he was converted and later became one of the most forcible, religious reformers the world has ever known.

I wonder if Wesley was standing at a stoplight when he heard the sermon? Read his bio here.

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