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“A believer is ready to serve everybody wherever he can. He cannot but profess the gospel before men, even though he foresees that he can reap nothing but ridicule and scorn for it; yes, he is ready also to give his life for the gospel.”
null For short bio just click!Born a pastor’s son in Langenchursdorf in the Kingdom of Saxony (part of modern-day Germany), Walther enrolled at the University of Leipzig to study theology In October of 1829. He had to take six months off from the university due to a nearly-fatal lung disease; during the time off he acquainted himself with the works of Martin Luther, and became convinced that Luther’s theology clearly taught the doctrines of Holy Scripture.

On January 15, 1837, he was ordained as a pastor in the town of Bräunsdorf, Saxony. He was soon at odds with the government of Saxony, because he believed it departed from the faith and practice of historic Lutheranism and promoted false doctrine.
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  1. I’ve only read the first couple of 30 pages or so of his book “The proper distinction of the law and the gospel”, but I heartly recommend it so far.. It’s like reading Ray Comfort – just 100 years older!

  2. Wow! That’s cool. I will have to check the book out!

  3. Andreas,
    Having read WAlther’s “Proper Distincion” as required reading at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis [a seminary of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod], I am now very curious to read more of Ray Comfort [whom I heard speak once at a mission conference] to see whether he directly quotes Walther. But, from what little I’ve heard and read thus far from Comfort, I can see your point that they both focus on the proper use of Law and Gospel; granted, these may not always be the terms used; sometimes it’s ‘sin and grace’ or ‘diagnosis and cure,’ but the point is the same. First, we must become aware of our sin, so we realize we need Christ; then, we receive Christ!
    Brett Huebner
    Zion Lutheran Church
    Hillsboro, KS

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