Fiesta Hermosa Evangelism Booth Update: Day 2


EDIT: 1:30pm— Well, we’ve been displaced by a…lemonade stand! Our team was told to move behind other booths so we are out of the main public view, but people are still visiting and taking our I. Q. Test. I’ve encouraged the leaders to send people out of the booth and into the fair.

9:45am—After being told yesterday that our evangelism booth and team would be kicked out of this pagan street fair on Sunday… we are still there! What’s cool is that we are next to the MADD crashed vehicle display. We ask people where they would go if they should die in this way.

Will we still be in the fair tomorrow? Stay tuned.


  1. Oh the irony! living Water replaced by lemonade.
    bet they’ll have repete customers, but you’ll have more satisfied ones.

  2. Sad to seek how UnAmerican California has become, yet in the midst of adversity, God can work in other ways to his Glory. God is bigger than the boogieman and CA law. OOOOH YEAAAH!

  3. Why do you keep referring to the self-described “”largest arts & crafts fair in Southern California” as a “pagan street fair”? That seems both inappropriately negative (from your point of view), and untrue.

    “Pagan” indicates belief in other deities than your own, as opposed to entirely secular, so why are you continuing to saddle them with this particular epithet?

  4. How on earth could a State of America be ‘unamerican’, it’s American by definition.

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