Famous Lost Words: Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise was asked, “What drew you to Scientology? Did you grow up in a faith?”
He answered, “Different faiths. Different faiths. And what drew me to it (Scientology)—it was so practical and it just made sense to me, and things that I wanted to figure out in my life…”

Cruise has described Scientology as “an applied religious philosophy that you use in your life to help you… It’s something that helps an individual find out who you are.” -From “What Hollywood Believes” by Ray Comfort

Read about how Tom is actually “The Chosen One” according to Scientologist headquarters.


  1. And according to the not-so-famous actor guy who left Scientology:

    Mr. Cruise and Mr. Travolta consider themselves to have evolved to “another race”: Homo-novis (whatever that means?)

  2. The poor guy doesn’t need Scientology to help him find out who he is. I could do that for him! The following is exactly what I would say to him if I ever met him face to face:

    “Hey! You’re Tom Cruise!”

    Maybe I’ll e-mail him to let him know. He might appreciate it since he IS wondering.

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