Famous Lost Words: Brights!


World magazine reports that atheists have a public relations problem:
“A University of Minnesota poll last year found that atheists were America’s most distrusted group. According to a recent Newsweek poll, 62% of Americans would refuse to vote for an atheist running for president.”

As a result of their unpopularity, atheists are trying to rebrand themselves as ” the brights.”
null According to their website, a “bright” is “any individual whose worldview is free of supernatural or mystical forces and entities…”

A rose by any other name is still a rose, and according to the Bible…
an atheist by any other name is still a fool.


  1. “…an atheist by any other name is still a fool.”

    AMEN to that! I don’t doubt it one bit that people don’t trust atheists. These are people who are far from rational.

    I don’t want our nation to be governed by a Stalin, taking away our religious liberties, and persecuting Christians – though that is bound to happen, in the future.

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