John Shore’s Firestarter Book


A few months ago I wrote about a book written by “Emergent” author John Shore called “I’m OK–You’re Not” that said there was no longer any need for evangelism in America because everyone has already heard the Gospel. He wrote, “I honestly think the very best way to evangelize is not to evangelize at all. Just live your life.”
null In direct violation of Christ’s Commandment to “Go!” Mr. Shore encourages Christians to keep their mouths shut and just be nice. The author read the post on my blog and protested that it wasn’t fair for me to take his book to task because I had never read it.
nullWell, I’m considering the possibility of buying it after reading this statement from him at his Navpress web page:

“Controversy’s over!

“When that book first came out, a fair number of people got pretty angry at its main idea, which is that The Great Commission and The Great Commandment are (at this point, in this country) incompatible. But once people actually read the book, the “controversy” disappeared. Anyone who reads it can just tell that I only want what’s best for us all. (Plus, if I say so myself, I’m OK does make an awfully strong case. Which of course helps with the whole “controversy” thing: Hard to argue too strenuously with someone who is at least being rational.)”

Here’s why I think we all should buy the book: The publisher will refund your money if you don’t like it; all you have to do is tear off the front cover and mail it back to them. You can then take the remainder of Mr. Shore’s book and use it for kindling now that the weather is cooler.
Read all the negative reviews of his book here by scrolling down.
Go to the “Heresy Watchdog” site featuring this book here.


  1. I read it, and despite Mr. Shore’s guarantee that I’ll agree with him after I read it… well I hated it, even worse. When I picked it up from the bookstore and just flipped through it and then saw his online interview with Christianbooks I think, I already knew that this book was going down the wrong path. Reading the book, confirmed that Mr. Shore is farther from solid doctrine than I had originally thought. No, Mr. Shore, just because you think and announce that the controversy is over, doesn’t make it so, no more than I wish the moon to be made of cheese.

    btw, Navpress graciously gave us a refund on the book.

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