Evangelism Schedule: A Change of Plans!


There will be a change of plans concerning this Saturday’s P.I.E. event. We will not be sponsoring a booth at the Richmond Street fair in El Segundo because we were informed that we can’t hand out literature from our church. PLAN B: We will meet at Hope Chapel at noon to go to the fair and share our faith and hand-out tracts individually and covertly. I expect to encounter resistance, so I will be calling my lawyer friend for advice on what to do. Please PRAY for us. null
“Hour of Power” every Friday 5:15-6:15. Meet at Hope Chapel at 5pm. And then we’ll go down to Pier Ave. for one hour to evangelize.
Saturday, Sept. 23- Richmond St. Fair in El Segundo. Meet at Hope at noon to go down as a team.
Saturday Sept. 30- Venice Beach. Meet to carpool at Hope Chapel at noon.


  1. Are you guys meeting on the stairs on Sat? Cause last time, i missed ya.

  2. We’ll be back in time for service?

  3. oops..i deleted your response. 🙂 huh?

  4. Next time i go with you guys, would you mind if I put notice in my church bulletin? I can think of some people who would like to come out and spread the gospel.

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