Evangelism Adventures: Hollywood (and more!)


In addition to our regular weekly destinations to El Camino College (Thursday afternoons at 12:30pm on the Library Lawn) and the Redondo Beach Pier (Fridays at 4:30pm) we will be going to Hollywood this Saturday. As usual, we will be stopping off at World Famous Pink’s Hot Dogs first to preach the Gospel to the 1oo or so people standing in line. Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool.

(You can read a few stories and comments about
Preaching at Pink’s by clicking here.)


  1. El Camino College; Redondo Beach Pier; World Famous Pink’s Hot Dogs.

    When are you and Comfort and Miano gonna do a street preaching tour through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia? Or maybe just hang around in front of a mosque?

  2. More force feeding of your religion onto people that don’t want to hear it. How do you not see how rude, immoral, and flat out childish this is?

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