Evangelism Adventures: “Day of Silence” & Long Beach Grand Prix


This Friday take advantage of students not saying a word and preach the Gospel to them at the annual Day of Silence.

If you’re not familiar with this event here is how Randy Thompson, of Save describes it:

Craftily packaged as “tolerance” and “sensitivity,” the so-called “Day of Silence” is sponsored by the “Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). It targets impressionable children each year in California government-run schools. This Friday, April 15, many public high schools and a growing number of junior highs will permit confused and rebellious boys and girls to disrupt the entire school day by “remaining silent.” Students participating in the “Day of Silence” will wear pro-homosexuality T-shirts, buttons, and stickers, refuse to answer teachers’ questions in classrooms, make it difficult for other students to concentrate, and generally take over school campuses for the entire day.

He urges parents to have their kids stay home that day, punishing the schools with loss of income for each student. As for the evangelist, go before school starts and preach the Gospel. Go during lunch and preach the Gospel. Afterschool? Preach the Gospel.

On Saturday we will be heading on down to the Long Beach Grand Prix to again, preach the Gospel. Meet at Hope Chapel at noon to carpool. Or, meet at us at the Willow St. Metro Rail parking lot (879 spaces) about 1:oo-1:15, then take the train to the end and we’ll walk to the races.

Did you know that Living Waters sponsored a car at NASCAR a few weeks back? Here’s their report. Maybe the same will happen to us:

Our NASCAR experience was wonderful! Our sponsored car, driven by Kevin Lepage, came in just seconds behind the leader, beating out 15 cars (actually, he was 28th). More importantly, between the Speed Channel and ESPN, a national TV audience of millions saw and on the car.

At the track, we gave out thousands of tracts and preached open-air three times, with no harassment from authorities, possibly because NASCAR opens in prayer and is congenial to the gospel.

At the end of one open-air session, as a man walked away he looked back and said, “I am repenting right now, even as I’m walking…” and the woman with him shouted, “I love NASCAR now!” while she was giving hugs to everyone in sight!  We will definitely be using footage of interviews with drivers and fans and the open-air segments in the “Henry Ford, God, and the Bible” episode of Season Five. I was delighted to see our car was a Ford, and we didn’t plan it that way.

We’ve not yet reached our goal to cover the entire cost of the sponsorship.  If you are one of those who made a pledge, but have not yet made your gift, or if you can help us with a gift, we welcome your support.  For an update on our NASCAR experience and further details, please visit our NASCAR page.


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