Eat at Al’s?


By Ray Comfort

There were two men who owned restaurants. The name of one of the men was Evan. His restaurant was situated at the top of a high hill. Admittedly, it was hard to get to, but the cuisine was well worth it. His customers were full of praise for him, even saying his food was divine. His promise was “good food for the hungry soul.” There was one stipulation: his patrons had to wear clean clothing; such a demand was reasonable.

The second man’s name was Al. It was easy to get to his restaurant. There was no high hill to climb. In fact, it was downhill all the way to his door. Neither did you have to change clothing in order to be served. It was “Come as you are.” null Al boasted of infamous patrons such as Jack Kevorkian, Richard Ramirez and Jeffrey Dahmer, to name a few. He insisted that he was the one who fed them their dreams. His desserts were delectable… temptations overwhelmed his guests. His greatest dish was called “Eternity.” Once his customers had tasted that dish, they were his forever. There were strong rumors from a reliable source that the restaurant was owned by the rich and powerful DeVille family.

The restaurant on the hill also had a famous dish. It was bitter at first taste, but then turned unspeakably sweet. It was called “Evan’s gift.” Those who tasted Evan’s gift vowed that there was nothing on earth like it.

Anyone could eat at either restaurant, but there was one warning. Those who ate at Al’s would forever have the bitter taste of remorse; those who ate at Evan’s would never taste of death.

Evan or Al, the choice is yours.

-From “How to Win Souls and Influence People” by Ray Comfort

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