EV Tips: Third Rail Evangelism


What do you do when you are with someone who absolutely hates/is squeamish/embarrassed/or dies a million deaths when you try to give the Gospel to a lost person? Like when you are with your wife, sister, or shy Christian friend… Do you not give the Gospel? Do you push through and risk alienating your acquaintance? Or maybe, you ask their permission to do it?

In politics, the third rail of anything is a very dangerous and risky endeavor. The third rail is the “live” rail of the subway; if you touch it you will die because of the electrical current that runs through it. The Social Security system is known as the “Third Rail” of politics because if anyone touches it—and tries to change it—it is political suicide.

There is also a “Third Rail” when sharing your faith: an unwitting wife, relative or timid Christian friend. It’s hard to “touch” someone with the Gospel when the person you are with just doesn’t understand the urgency of your message. So what do you do when you see a witnessing opportunity arise and you are with one of them? What I try to do is ask their permission to share the Gospel–most of the time.

Hey! God is sovereign. He’ll use someone else to share the Gospel if you are not able too. And be patient with timid Christians—there are more of them than any other type.


  1. Steve, Your wife is very gracious to still look for you after that incident!!!
    Now you see my pain…LOL:-) As dear Paul saids, (paraphrase) that once we marry our hearts are divided in serving the lord. but nevertheless, “It is NOT good for man to be alone” right married guys?
    I will see you at Wilson Park …
    PS: Got your email. Thxs.

  2. First, I just have to say how much I’ve ever dreaded going shopping or running errands with my wife. I used to complain that if I do that, I’ll never get a chance to evangelize. Then God showed me plainly how to use my time waiting on her by obeying Him! While she shops, I pass out tracts and talk to folks. Kids? They used to quietly ask, “Dad, may I please give a tract to that lady?” Now they say, “Dad, quick, where are the tracts!?”

    Now my wife patiently shops while Jesus turns the world upside down . . . er, right side up.

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