E-vangie Tales #9 Seven Days of Heaven


Dear Friends,

The following is a seven day chronicle of evangelizing for the period, Sunday June 13- Saturday June 19…

Sun. 6/13
At Hope Chapel: A couple came in needing assistance. After listening to the husband and letting him know we could help him out with some groceries, I asked if he knew where he was going should he die.

He said, “Probably Heaven.” I gave him the Gospel and asked him to stay for service because God was there for him. He didn’t.

Mon. 6/14
At the beach: I’m playing with my daughter when the head of a Catholic teen group from Arizona starts talking with her.
I asked, “Do you believe the Bible is the Word of God?

She replies, “I believe it is from God but written by men.”

” Will you be going to Heaven or Hell?” I inquire.

“Heaven. Because I do good for people and pray everyday,” etc.

I told her the Gospel and said she must be born-again according to John 3:3. Then I suggested she read the book of Romans and ask, “Guess who that was written to?”

She looks surprised. “Yeah. Yeah, thanks. This will be a good lesson for my kids.”

Tues. 6/15
At Whole Foods market: 2 friendly guys went to the backroom for me when I couldn’t find a large bottle of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. I told them that if I was their boss, I’d give them a raise.

“Oh, and by the way, do you believe in an after-life?” People at Whole Foods are usually kind of New Age and will always listen (it’s politically incorrect not to).

Weds. 6/16
On the phone: The tele-marketer was already a born-again Christian.

Thurs. 6/17
At the orthotics specialist: As the specialist is talking about all the bad feet he’s seen, he concludes with, “These old bodies are just wearing down…”

I say, “Yes but there will come a day when some of these bodies will be perfect.”

That launches us into a 45 minute conversation about the Lord, the Trinity, salvation, and his lapsed Catholicism. I take his name and phone number and send him a New Living Translation of the NT and give him my card. At points in the discussion he stopped working, asked questions and listened (he wasn’t allowed to do that in Catholic school, he said).

Fri. 6/18
The conference room at Hope Chapel: I told the bulletin stuffers the gospel. They were all saved long ago, but sometimes I don’t see a single unbeliever all day, so I like to rehearse the gospel anyway. Occasionally, I end up telling my wife, the gospel. Yes, she’s saved.

Sat. 6/19
At Subway with my daughter D.D.: I’m feeling pretty tired and didn’t feel like talking about Jesus with anyone. As Maria starts making my sandwich, D.D. asks, “Dada? Aren’t you going to tell her about Jesus?” So I had to.

By: Pastor Steve Sanchez

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