E-vangie Tales #10 Finding Remo


Dear Friends,

My daughter’s 5th birthday was June 23 and we prepared to have a big birthday bash on the beach in her honor with balloons, hot dogs, watermelon, cake…and 15 screaming kids and their parents. As I’m bringing things down to the sand and setting them up, my wife points to the homeless man sitting adjacent to us, muttering and swearing various obscenities to himself.

Now I know Jesus loves the little children and homeless people too, but would he want this guy sitting next to his kid’s birthday bash? What would Jesus do indeed?

So I approached him with the intention of asking if he would move over a little bit because frankly, a profanity spouting guy with wild eyes and big scary gestures isn’t my idea of a party favor.

As I drew closer, I noticed there was a hospital identification bracelet on each ankle. Also, his pants were ripped from buttocks to mid thigh and he was very skinny. He apparently was released or escaped from an institution.

A wave of compassion moved me to ask his name.

“Remo Williams,” he replied. (“Remo Williams” was a movie back in 1985).

“Hey Remo, can I get you anything?”

“Yeah,” Remo said, “You have anything to eat?”

I gave him some watermelon,and said that Jesus loved him.

“I know.”

I reminded Remo that He died for our sins, was buried for three days and rose again. I prayed for him and politely asked if he would move to the other side of the lifeguard station. He said okay.

Then suddenly, 10,000 kids from the inner city off-loaded from a school bus and we had to move our party to Remo’s side of the lifeguard station. I politely asked Remo if he would mind moving again and gave him some bottled water.

He said okay.

By: Pastor Steve Sanchez

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