E-vangie Tales #11 Short-Changing the Toll Booth Guy!

Dear Friends,

Coming back from a dolphin watching trip in Dana Point with my family, I took the 73 toll road to avoid traffic. I pulled up to the bored looking fellow in the toll-booth and said, “Jesus loves you” as I handed him $2.50.

He said, “That will be $3.00, sir. ”

Sheepishly, I gave him the remaining 50 cents and told him in a rapid-fire cadence, “You know, Jesus died for your sins, was buried for three days and rose again?”

He nodded and with a resigned sigh said, “I know.”
On occasion, Christians accuse me of being “in your face” when I give the Gospel to people, but I operate on two basic premises:
1) People are really going to Hell if they don’t have Christ.
2) The word of God never returns empty but will be used for God’s purposes (Isaiah 55:10-11)
Also, I never try to win an argument but I do try to reason with people and engage them in a conversation about spiritual things in a gracious manner. And on occasion I will just state the Gospel in the hopes that God will touch their hearts.

Next week, I’ll tell how four punk rockers totally rejected my “gospel reasoning” and mocked the Christian message, but still allowed me to pray for them.

By: Pastor Steve Sanchez

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