E-vangie Tales #12 Rejected By 4 Punkers

Dear Friends,

I just got out of my car in the Sav-On parking lot when I spotted them: four kids in their early twenties clad in black leather and two had fish hooks in their noses…

“Hey can I ask you guys a question? If you were to die would you go to Heaven or Hell?”

“Nowhere. Nothing,” was the reply as they tried to ignore me.

But I persisted, “Do you know that Jesus died for your sins, was buried for three days and rose again?”

One said, “We don’t want to talk about it! Go away!”

Another, “You’re spoiling my energy”.

Then the leader cried, “RAPE! RAPE! FIRE!”

I continued a little nervously, “Hey, c’mon, what do you think about what I said?”

One girl said, “I’m a witch.”

I replied that I was once a pagan too, then gave them my 30 second testimony and stated that one day they too will know the truth (this is for certain, whether it’s in this world or the next).

I then remembered that I had a “Gospel of John” with me and asked if I could give them one.

“No, no, no, no, no, no.”

“How about if I pray for you then? Ask for anything you want.”

Each gave me a request, except the leader.

“A pony.”

“A cloud.”

One had a touching response when he said sadly, “A home”.

I asked their names, prayed for each request and that God would bless and protect them.

I then entered into Sav-On and saw an ex-Hope Chapel member who told me he just completed his apologetics course. I asked, “Would you mind talking to that group of kids over there? They have a lot of questions.”

“I’m sorry man, I’m in a hurry.”

I had a “Gospel of John” burning a hole in my pocket (and since I signed onto “The Pocket Testament League” I had to give one away), so I asked the cashier if she reads the Bible?


“Do you go to church?”


“Do you believe in God?”


“Good. Here’s a gift for you.” And I handed her the Gospel.

As I returned to my car I noticed that there were 3 postcards left under the wiper blades by the Punkers.

By: Pastor Steve Sanchez

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