E-vangie Tales #12B Postcards from the Punkers

As I returned to my car I noticed that there were 3 postcards left under the wiper blades by the Punkers.

Three out of the Four punkers wrote on some Tower Records post-cards the following…

One postcard said: “All things die.”-The Future

The second post-card said: “E=MC squared. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. When your body dies, where does that energy go?” -The Future
(This was from one of the punk girls who called herself “Capernicus”. She quoted Einstein and asked, “Who made God?”

Not being a physics guy, I simply answered, “God has always been, He has no beginning or end.”

“How can that be?” Capernicus inquired.

“God is God. He can do whatever He wants,” I replied. The conversation went no further.)

The third post-card said: “You will always become what you HATE THE MOST and destroy all that you LOVE.” -The Future

Please pray for these kids.

By: Pastor Steve Sanchez

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