E-vangie Tales #8 Wearing a Hawaiian Shirt at Auto Club!


Dear Friends,

As I walked in to AAA to renew my registration last Friday, the employees were wearing Hawaiian shirts, so I said, “Hey, it makes me ant to go to Hawaii. What are you wearing those for?”

One out of the four answered, “We want to tell you about our Hawaiian package.”

“Let me ask you,” I continued, “If I were wearing a cross on my shirt, what would that remind you of?”

Two of them replied, “Church!” “Going to church.”

I asked, “If I were to invite you to come to church, would you go?”

“Would we want to go, or would we go?” they said.

“Well, I hope you would want to go,” I then gave them some Hope Chapel business cards. Then I made the 25 cent challenge (see E-vangie Tales #3, The $1.00 offer), and saved 75 cents!

I then held up a shiny quarter and made the challenge: If you can answer two questions I will give the winner this quarter. (You should all know those two questions by now, but if you don’t, E-mail me and I’ll tell you). Three out of the four participated, and one of them answered correctly because she was born-again. I then proceeded to the next window and forgot to give the winner 25 cents.

As I spoke with Samina during the transaction I asked her for a piece of paper to write on (I like to get these evangelistic adventures down as soon as they happen). While she was using the computer I was jotting down my experience with the Hawaiian shirts and asked her if she was curious about what I was writing.

She said that it was my business and was personal.

So I gently prodded, “C’mon. You really want to know what I’m writing don’t you?”

As I continued to write she admitted she wanted to know. So I told her about what happened, then asked her if she knew if she if she was going to Heaven.

Samina answered that she was a Muslim and thought she would go because she was kind to people.

I told her that Jesus died on the cross for her, was buried for three days and rose again. I also said that not even Muhammad did that and she needed Christ’s forgiveness to go to Heaven. I invited her to Hope Chapel, gave her a card and then filled out an evaluation form of her service right in front of her. I made sure that she saw that I checked all the boxes “excellent.”

On my way out of Auto Club, I remembered to give the winner her 25 cents.

By: Pastor Steve Sanchez

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