My Great Evangelism Adventure, Part 5: “Little Comfort”

They turn it over in their hands, smile and ask, “What is it? Where did you get it? Is it legal?” It then gets passed on to the next person. They smile too… (Click here to start at Part 1 of “My Great Evangelism Adventure.”)

I rarely hand out gospel tracts. Why? I hate to contribute to the littering problem. Most are just plain boring and didactic. Ugly. Old school. Ahhh, but this one people like. They want it and read it. They give it to their friends. I have given out nearly a hundred in just over a week.

The bald and tattooed Mexican guy, arm coiled around his girlfriend, gave a hard look to me as they walked by. I never blinked. Neither did he. “Excuse me,” I said.

Eyes narrowed as he slowly turned to stare me down. Beaming, I handed out the paper that identified him as a liar, thief, adulterer and blasphemer. It also said that his sins would be paid in hell if he didn’t repent and turn to Jesus. He grinned and said, “Thanks.”

He said thanks. I couldn’t believe it. People taking gospel tracts and thanking me.

“I keep them in my shirt pocket -sticking out- and people ask me for them,” one man said. “My eight-year-old daughter gave one to her skating coach; he smiled and shared it with another coach.”

Ray Comfort created a seismic shift in my method of evangelism after I heard his teaching, “Hell’s Best Kept Secret”, a truly Biblical view of how we should share our faith.


Or partially right. I may have aided and abetted the enemy. I may have actually sown tares among the wheat! This guy definitely rained on my parade. Small in stature and big on Scripture, Ray provided little comfort as he convinced me that I had possibly been in error when presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ!

But he gave me a stack of those really cool gospel tracts that everyone wants.

And that provided some comfort.

Now read Part 6, about the first time I went to the malls with Ray Comfort—and the terrible thing that happened to him.

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