My Great Evangelism Adventure, Part 1

Last year about this time I attempted to write out “my evangelism testimony,” but lost interest and gave up. I’m going to attempt to do this again for two reasons:

  1. So you will get an idea of how God can truly use anybody.
  2. I want to get this written down before all the details get too fuzzy and I start exaggerating too much.

Mostly these postings will be for me so I won’t forget about how God strung together a whole series of events to get me passionate for the lost.

On January 1, 2004, I made a commitment to share my faith everyday after hearing a New Year’s weekend message from my Pastor, Zac Nazarian. I don’t even know why I chose to make that commitment on that particular weekend, but I do remember that there were 6 or 7 points to the message; though I don’t even remember what they were. One point stuck with me: In the New Year we should evangelize more.

How many times have you heard that as a Christian? Easily, a million times. And what did you do about it? Same thing I did probably: you listened, nodded your head (probably pursing your lips as you did), made a half-hearted commitment to start sharing your faith, somehow, somewhere, but ultimately let it pass by the wayside, along with your other vows, like reading through the Bible in a year, or losing twenty pounds.

That morning, however, I chose to do something about it. I sat in my chair at church (we don’t have pews), and said to myself, “I’m going to share my faith everyday.” Mind you, I had no idea how I was going to do it. Like most Christians I only shared my faith when God “opened a door.”  Evangelism, of course, was only for those who had the gift. Still, the next day I started my commitment. And wouldn’t you know it? The very first person I talked to— made a profession for Christ! Click to read part 2.

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  1. Paul Brycki


    I can’t wait to read these, I would like to make the same type of commitment this year, fear is a strong foe.

  2. Doktor Benway


    “I want to get this written down before all the details get too fuzzy and I start exaggerating too much. ”

    That’s Christianity in a nutshell…

  3. ExPatMatt


    Doktor Benway,

    I was going to quote the exact same section! Great minds and all that…

    “I want to get this written down before all the details get too fuzzy and I start exaggerating too much”.

    Do you find this to be a common problem for you, Steve?


  4. Reply

    Steve: looking forward to these Monday offerings. As well as everything else, your stories and experiences are always an encouragement to me.

    To the 2 “great minds”: it is my prayer that your names are written down in the Lamb’s book of life. You can be sure God does not have a fuzzy memory. (See Revelation 20:15)


  5. BathTub


    Yeah Stupid Steve, hey I’m only joking!

    My question you skipped earlier was how you measure success on a free giveaway.
    I mean from someone outside the giveaway it just looks like ‘Woo we gave away free stuff, success!’. Like anyone doubted giving away free stuff wouldn’t be successful.

    Surely a much more reasonable measure of success would be the destruction of the western scientific establishment? Or at least conversions. If Ray was flooded with hundreds or thousands(or indeed any at all) of ‘Hey I read your intro and now I don’t believe in science anymore, praise Jesus!’ Ray would be crowing about it on the blog, writing anonymous articles on WND and issuing press releases about it.

    In fact in the year or whatever I have been reading his blog I have only seen 1 new convert swing by, Ray promptly got into an argument with him over bible interpretation and he didn’t come back.

  6. Reply

    Mat: I took to heart what you said and removed my gentle, humorous comment. Since your comments related to my comment, I removed yours, too, because there was now no context.

    Thank you for keeping me on my toes! 🙂

    And yes, I do care. Really!

    BTW: Winston? Huh? Are you comparing me to Churchill? If so, thank you.

  7. ExPatMatt


    Winston Smith – look him up.

    Steve, I know it’s your blog and you’re free to do whatever you wish – but it’s not exactly good form for you to change things like you did.

    For future reference, what I’ve seen other people do is put something like this at the bottom of the altered comment;

    Edit: removed portion of text for whatever reason

    It would then be up to me (or whoever) to decide if the context had changed sufficiently for me to want to change my comment, or add an addendum.

    What you’ve done instead is just sweep a load of stuff you didn’t like under the carpet (into the ‘memory hole’, if you will). Now you’ve totally re-framed the discussion in a whole new way;

    “Mat: I took to heart what you said and removed my gentle, humorous comment”.

    Now this looks like I was complaining about some innocent jest that the casual reader hasn’t seen and you, being the kind-hearted individual you are, have gallantly removed the offending text, lest my delicate atheist sensibilities be offended. Is that what you think happened?

    “Thank you for keeping me on my toes!”.

    It’s amazing how often you need that doing. 😉

    “And yes, I do care. Really!”.

    Ye shall know them by their fruits…


  8. Reply

    Mat, I’ll keep your suggestions in mind next time I use my gentle humor so as not to make atheists look too bad.


    Ahhh, good ole Winston. I actually played the part of Syme in a college production in…1984! believe it or not.

    Still, I prefer Churchill, though.

  9. ExPatMatt



    Yeah, don’t make us look too bad, just bad enough; we have a reputation to uphold you know!

  10. ExPatMatt



    I think BathTub would like to know what your measures of success were for the Origins giveaway – he’s asked a couple of times now.

    Hope you’re well,

  11. Reply

    The sucess would be that 170,000 copies were distributed on over 100 campuses. The Law and Gospel will be read (hopefully).

    And a pebble will be put into the shoes of those who follow Darwin unswervingly.

  12. Nohm


    And a pebble will be put into the shoes of those who follow Darwin unswervingly.

    Thankfully, you’re talking about no one.

    Steve, that might be a joke, but if you think that there’s the smallest shred of truth about it, I really wish you could see how strange us pro-evolution people view this concept (i.e., that anyone who digs on biological science would “follow” a man who’s been dead for a great number of years, and especially not “unswervingly” so).

  13. ExPatMatt


    Not only that, Nohm, but that there was anything in the introduction that casts even the slightest doubt on the theory of evolution in any way whatsoever!
    (I think we went through the lack of rebuttals in a previous post)

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