E-vangie Tales # 63 Through the Wall


Talk about a thankless job.

The poor salesguy stood outside the store with his pitiful wares and tried to grab the attention of all passers-by. I was not interested but stopped to listen to his pitch. Maybe I could interest him in what I had to sell – for free…

“Do you do much dry cleaning?” he asked.

“Umm, maybe once a month…”

“This is a great deal!” he said enthusiastically. “You get $130.00 worth of dry-cleaning for only $40.00!”

Wow! A discounted dry-cleaning card! What a concept. How could anyone resist such a deal? A discounted dry-cleaning carrrrrrrrd!!! “Uhhh, no thanks.”

Dressed in shorts and Hawaiian shirt, the huckstering middle-aged Beach Boy said, “Okay then,” as he craned his neck looking for customers.

Man, no one is going to buy one of those, I don’t care how nice and friendly he is. Okay…time to rain on this guy’s parade. Let’s see if he’ll continue to be so polite when I tell him about Jesus. Should I tell him about Jesus? This period of time – deciding to give the Gospel or not – is called “The Wall of Faith.” Every person has to break down a wall in their minds and walk through it by faith to talk about salvation.

I went for it. “Do you ever think about eternal things?

The good vibrations suddenly changed. “Uhh. Well…no,” he said, visibly shaken.

“Ever wonder if you are going to Heaven?”

“No. Not right now. Hey, I’m working…”

I’m working too and what I have is free and a lot more important than a stinking dry-cleaning carrrrd. Should I just let the poor guy be? Was I being obnoxious? Probably. Think hell. Think hell. Help me, Rhonda! Nobody was coming. Okay, through the wall again…”You know that Jesus loves you very much.”

I received a condescending smile before he looked away searching for anyone -California girls maybe, anybody- who could get him away from this crazy Jesus freak!

I thought about giving up. I’m bugging this guy, I know it, he just doesn’t want to hear it. Wait. Before I gave my life to Christ I didn’t want to hear it either. The wall. Gotta–break–through! “Look. There’s no one coming right now and I have to tell you that if you don’t have your sins forgiven then you are not going to heaven.”

A look askance. It was all he could do to just stand there. He couldn’t get away. This was his selling spot. I had him. He was mine, allll miiiine! The wall was rubble. “I just want to let you know that Jesus died for your sins, was buried for three days and rose again.”

Nervous tics. A scowl. This guy wanted to jump into his little deuce coupe. His head bounced like a Lakers bobble head.

Another drop in the bucket.

I get around.


TALLY: I don’t always share who comes to the Lord through my efforts because the situations are sometimes very private. But as an encouragement, I will let you know how many people God has saved since the last E-vangie Tale. Since E-vangie Tale #62…5 made a profession of faith!

PRAYER: I will be giving an evangelistic message on the week-end of August 19-21 at Hope Chapel. Please pray for me and for those who need to be saved.

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