E-vangie Tales #27 Samples


I went to See’s Candy in the mall last week and knew that I would give the Gospel to one of the two girls serving behind the counter. Standing in line, I reflected on why I waited until now to share. Why hadn’t I spoken of Christ earlier in the day when the opportunities arose?

Well, at Randy’s Produce the guy looked too disinterested – and kinda suspicious.

And I just didn’t feel like sharing the Gospel at the Ramada when I stopped in asking for directions to “See’s”.

At Sushi Boy, I was a little frustrated that “See’s” was replaced by this fast food joint, so I didn’t share there either.

No, it had to be at See’s Candy in the mall. I would share the Gospel with a spiritually starved waif desperate to hear the good news of Jesus. That was my assignment. I had the words of eternity in my mouth and God had determined that I, Steve P. Sanchez, would speak and the captives would be set free. Hallelujah! Many are called but few are chosen.

“Next!” said one of the counter girls. She handed me a sample of chocolate.

I noticed the motto: “Smiles, Samples and Service”. Smiling, I asked, “May I give you a sample of the Bible called the Gospel of John?”

“Yes,” she replied.

I handed her the little book. “Do you know that Jesus died for your sins?”

“Oh yes!”

Darn! I wasted the Gospel on a Christian.

Then the customer behind me pipes up and asks the sample girl, “Are you going to read that?”

“Yes I am,” she says almost defiantly.

I ask the customer behind me, “Would you like a Gospel of John as well?” She says that she would. “Okay then, wait right here and I’ll run back to my car and I’ll get you one.” I’m thinking to myself, “I just wish the sample girl would give up hers and save me all this trouble…”

Huffing and puffing I come running back and give Stephanie four copies. Praise the Lord! I was obedient to what God called me to do today. I was faithful and God is rewarding me according to my faithfulness. Here is the spiritually starved waif! Thank-you God!

“Excuse me, Stephanie. Are you going to Heaven or Hell when you die?”

“Heaven,” she says.

“Why?” I ask.

“Cause I’m saved!”


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