E-vangie Tales #26 The Hook


It’s been six months since I started writing these E-vangie Tales and it’s been a challenge to witness nearly everyday. To keep it fun and interesting, I like to experiment with various opening lines when starting a conversation about the Gospel. When I go to a place, I try to think of a “hook” in which I can capture the attention of the person. These are some of the “hooks” I tried last week…

I saw a guy at the water store wearing a provocative T-shirt that read: “Admit nothing. Deny everything. Counter-attack!”

Me: “My motto is: ‘Consider others better than yourself, speak the truth in love and love your enemies.’ ” (I know this is a bit prideful, but it’s just a hook.)

He: “That’s the Christian motto.” (He was a Christian who didn’t go to church, so I invited him to Hope Chapel.)

At McDonald’s I struck up a conversation with a kid who had three pieces of metal hanging from his lips:

Me: “Hey, those are some pretty cool piercings. You know who else had some gnarly piercings?” As I pointed to my wrists and ankles I said, “He was pierced here, here, and here.” I gave him a “Pocket Testament”.

To Alby, the waitress at Carrow’s as I paid for my meal:

Me: “May I ask you a personal question?” Realizing the question sounded a little weird I said, “I’m married so you don’t have to worry about that.” We had already established a relationship because she waited on a table of pastors and myself. As I gave her the Gospel, she said that a friend had been talking to her about Jesus and she was thinking of going to a church. I gave her a “Pocket Testament”.

To Julius at “Instant Oil Change”:

As I looked around the garage I pointed to one of the undergound work areas and asked, “Has anyone ever fallen down one of those bays?”

Julius: “Yes. A guy in San Diego.”

Me: “What would happen if you fell down one of those and died, would you go to Heaven or Hell?” I gave him a “Pocket Testament” after I witnessed to him.

To a homeless lady:

Me: “Do you know Jesus loves you?” When I said this I thought I noticed a tear form in her eyes, softening her weather-hardened face. Then I told her that since she was a sinner, she needed Jesus’ forgiveness.

She: “I’ve never sinned! Don’t preach to me!

She accepted a Gospel of John.

To Jonathan at Coldstone Creamery:

Me: “Where do you think you will go when they lay you out on a cold stone?”


Q: What creative hook have you used when giving the Gospel? Tell me about it at

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