Where Do the Million-Dollar Bills End Up Anyway?


This is from our friend Francis (who is a secular Jew) who moved away with her family from California without notice. Avi is her husband and Ishai is her 7-year-old son.

“Well it’s just so funny: Avi and Ishai got the million-dollar bill at a summer fair in Redondo, and of course Ishai really thinks it’s worth a million dollars. Avi and I never really looked at it too closely, but I did notice there was something religious on it.

“Well one day Ishai was admiring his million dollar bill, saw the website on it, went to the computer and entered that (all by himself). And to our great surprise… we saw Steve talking ! So you can imagine we got a big kick out of it, sitting here with 30 degree weather outside and thinking about our California days.”

They moved to New York a year ago, got the million-dollar bill Gospel tract back in June and sent this email to me in December—a six month lapse of time! When Ishai went to the website, there is a place for him to click if he received a million, then he viewed a 30-second video featuring me explaining the tract.

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