DMV is no DMZ, Part 2


The trials and travails continue as “Righteous Richard” Chavarria faithfully preaches at the Hawthorne DMV.

Here’s what happened to him last Wednesday:
(You can read Part 1 by clicking here!)

Dateline: 07.16.08
Today I handed out Gospel tracts to the folks in line as I walked to my preaching spot. A man ran out of the line and waved his tract at me saying, “Here! You can have this back to use again because I will just throw it away.”

Well, as I started going through the 10 Commandments during my little 7 minute sermon the man started heckling me. “Yeah, I’ve lied. Amen!” he mocked. “Yeah, I’ve stolen!” He continued to speak out as I preached, trying to break my concentration. Then a pleasant surprise: He offered me a compliment after I had finished. “Hey, you did a good job even though I was trying to get you to stop because of the separation of church and state.”

The DMV Security guard, Denise, stepped in and told Mr. Concerned Citizen, “He has a permit. When you get a permit, you can talk too.”

I don’t know if he took her up on the offer.

(Read the conclusion, where “Downtown” Leon Brown gets surprised by DMV Security in San Diego…)

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  1. It’s nice to see someone stand up for your rights for a change.

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