DMV is no DMZ, Part 3

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Sometimes security guards can actually help us to preach the Gospel!

Here is a surprising account from “Downtown” Leon Brown, a friend of mine and Ambassadors’ Academy mentor, who experienced a little kindness from a guard as he preached at a brand new location. Hey! Miracles do happen!

Today I had the privilege of preaching at the DMV. It was my first time preaching at this particular DMV, so I knew I would catch some people by surprise. The cool thing was that I had a permit signed by the California Highway Patrol which allowed me to be there from 7:45am to 8:15am.

While I was preaching, the security guard attempted to stop me, but I continued to preach till 8am.

As I was walking to my vehicle, the security guard tracked me down and said, “Sir, you still have 15 minutes.”

I guess he recognized he was wrong by trying to stop me, but he did ask that I sign into a log each time I’m there. I agreed!

Never forget that we have the privilege and honor of sharing God’s Word; it should not be viewed as a burden or something we don’t have time for.

See Leon’s preaching style as he gives the Gospel to a beach crowd at his blog Preach Like Jeremiah.

And be sure to visit his website, for more helpful tips and sound doctrine.

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  1. Three sites I check into a daily basis for learning and inspiration on everything evangelism, aside from the Word of God: Stone the Preacher, Lawman Chronicles and Evangelism Team. Sanchez, Miano and Brown…what a team! Amen, boys! Please, keep up the great work!

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