Missed Opportunities


Oooooo… I can’t stand it. Ooooo… how frustrating…

Three—count ’em, three—missed opportunities for preaching to organic congregations in the last week or so: First, there was the iPhone that went on sale here locally at just one outlet. One outlet! I heard that people were lining up hundreds deep for hours on end. Think of all those ears that could’ve heard, the hearts that might’ve opened, the minds that… Oh! Never mind. A friend said, “I wanted to call you, but…” Please call me! Yes! Calllllll meeee! I’m not a techie, but I love techies, and the techies need to hear about their lost condition and the hope that they have apart from some electronic, portable, cool, thinga-majiggee. Was it even an iPhone, or something else?

My second missed opportunity was the IndyMac bank fiasco. All those people waiting in line outside the bank and just up the street from me, waiting to withdraw their loot, their mammon. I just wanted to tell them about the inheritance that can never perish, spoil, or fade—kept in Heaven for them—if they would only repent and believe.

Thirdly… and this really rankles, the largest movie opening ever! EVER! And I missed it. What was I doing anyway?

Holy Gospel tract, Batman!



  1. Great to have folks call YOU to let YOU know about opportunities whereby YOU can preach the truth to a lost and dying world.

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