DEAR KAREN: Happy 16 Years of Putting Up with Me!


Today my wife Karen and I enter into our 17th year of marriage. I could never have asked for a better friend and helpmate!

At the time of our marriage I was not an evangelist because I always thought that was someone else’s job. So she has had to put up with a lot since I became a very zealous witness for Christ in 2004. One of those times she had to put up with me was while we were on a family trip to the San Diego Zoo. I learned a valuable lesson about priorities there.  (Read “My Big, Horrible, Awful, Stinkin’ Mistake” by clicking here.)

Thank you, Karen, for 16 wonderful (and challenging) years!


Also, a hearty Happy Anniversary
to Mr. and Mrs. Tony Miano
and Mr. and Mrs. “Righteous” Richard Chavarria!

Photo credit: The Fuzzy  Wuzzy Blog


  1. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more wonderful years together.

    • I second that- and… appreciate your kind words, Perdita!!

    • I third that!


      Happy Anniversary to you and your wife. I hope that God blesses you will many more happy anniversaries.

      Leave the Chic-fil-A coupons at home and take Karen out somewhere nice 😉

  2. Thanks Pastor Steve. I hope you have a nice day today on your anniversary. And I pray you have many more. Today, Lucy and I will be celebrating our 39th.

  3. Happy anniversary Sanchezes!

    Happy anniversary to the Mianos and the Chavarrias too.

  4. Muy Feliz Aniversario de Bodas!

    We will be watching the tv show.

  5. Happy anniversary to Steve, Karen, Tony & wife, Richard & wife. God give you all long and happy marriages.

  6. Happy Anniversary, Sanchezes.

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