D.D.’s Delightful Day


Excuse my bragging. It’s all right, because I’m talking about my 10-year-old, D.D.. That is okay, isn’t it? Thank you.

Now I’m certainly proud of both my daughters; in fact, they are the best little girls a dad could ever want and are both little evangelists in their own right; but two Saturdays ago I was pretty amazed with my eldest.

I challenged her by offering 10 bucks if she could hand out a thousand Gospel tracts on Hollywood Blvd. After an initial protest of “Awwwww, Dad…” she went to work. Two hours later she collected her cash.

That’s not all.

On our way home we stopped at Pink’s Hot Dogs to preach to the 150 or so people in line. I asked D.D. if she would like to give it a go. Up for another challenge, she preached a dynamite one minute sermon in the open air. Too bad the settings on our camera were set for indoors and the focus was a little off. Nevertheless, here’s my gal:

Lastly, we went to church service later that evening and I placed my little herald in Children’s Church. Afterward, two teachers ran out of the class and excitedly told me that D.D. led a little girl to the Lord. “What? I asked in astonishment. “Did anyone help her?”

“No,” they confidently assured me.

Thanks for letting me boast a little bit.

Now if I could only get her to do her chores….

***Read what D.D. did at the Michael Jackson Memorial here.***


  1. and a delightful day it was…well done D.D.!

    when it lifts up the name of our Lord, go ahead and boast all u want. there is nothing more important than passing the baton to our children to proclaim the Good News. : D

  2. Go D.D. in the power of the Holy Spirit.

  3. Hey DD…you’re making me look bad!


    May the Lord continue to bless you. The world could use more courageous (very) young people like you giving the gospel in public.

  4. That is amazing!!! And super cute! Way to go D.D.! Too bad I missed it!
    Hope to hear you open air again!

  5. Wow D.D., I can’t get the grin off my face after seeing you preach to that crowd! I have 2 little boys that I hope to one day see do what you did. Praise God!

  6. Awesome Job D.D…. Way to go Sis… I guess you have a pretty good teacher though 🙂 Keep up the great work for the Lord Jesus Christ

  7. Beautiful…just beautiful!!! Like father like daughter!! Go D.D.!!!

  8. Very encouraging! No such thing as ‘you’re very young to preach’. Jesus began at 12. Now, I’ve seen a 10 year old girl preach the Gospel, what’s my excuse.

    Thanks for posting this. God bless your ministry!

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